Aline Géhant アリーヌ・ジェアン



A magic word, creating feelings…Making us dream…Awakening distant memories of precious moments!

“Chocolatier”….Aaaahhh, what a wonderful job!

When you say you are a chocolate maker, people’s eyes sparkle. It certainly doesn’t leave indifferent.

How did I become a “Chocolatier”?! …. By chance!

I was born in Besançon, Franche-Comté, East of France. But my parents kept changing countries, they were restless (and they still are!).

When I was 6, we landed at the Reunion Island, in the Indian Ocean. 6 years later, we left for Mali in West Africa.

My A level passed, I returned to France, in Nîmes where I studied Plastic Arts.

Then I started studying to become a primary school teacher. But I rapidly realized that I didn’t want to become a teacher…

So I stopped my studies and took the time to consider what I really wanted to do. Certainly a handiwork dealing with tasty products.

I started to learn French pastry and discovered chocolate.

I fell in love with chocolate and decided to become a “chocolatier”.

And there I go, off to Paris to learn with the best professionals, passed the 2 years degree to be a chocolate maker, and stayed 2 more years at “La Maison du chocolat”.

After 4 years in Paris, I decided to come back to the South of France and opened my own boutique and atelier in Avignon in 2009.